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Different backgrounds in poll slides

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Being able to prep the test widget - we don’t use this widget for the live webcast, but do use it for on-demand webcasts
And being able to see how many people open the On24 emails will help us know more about which ones are the most effective.

Can you create a way for our engagement hub viewers to create their own ‘favourites library’ (Netflix style) - within the engagement hub embedded on our website?
o so any piece of content that’s particularly helpful for each viewer is stored in one handy place and they can add to it/view at any time?

I would really love it if would become possible to see on an Prospect Engagement Profile which webinars a person actually attended (in stead of just the number) and also the resources. It would be great of you could see which resources a person downloaded/clicked on in stead of the number. because the number does not necessarily say that much on which content a person is interested in.

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I would love to have things be clickable in the platform.

Here are a few suggestions from someone who loves the platform, but has only been using it a short while (since mid-Feb 2021)

  1. When our webinars convert to on demand, and our users interact with the on demand webcast, is there a way that I can receive alerts notifying me of the interactions taking place per on demand webinar? Such as: filling in a survey, asking a question, referring the webcast to someone else, sharing on social media, ect
    a. At present I have to log in and check – it takes time/is inefficient
  2. Can we get sight of the email stats from the automated suite of emails – such as how many open/click the thank you emails that fly out of ON24 with the on demand link get
  3. When a question is asked from the ON24 on demand system, can the question be copied into my inbox as an admin privilege, as well as going to the destination inbox? And I’d need to be able to set that inbox to an inbox of my choice.
    a. At present I can only set one inbox, which would be a sales/technical inbox, and I rely on the colleagues who access that inbox to alert me, which is inefficient in my view.

Thanks and I look forward to reading other suggestions too :slight_smile:

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